Top Picks For Inflatable Toddler Bath Tub

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Do you know why most parents make good use of an inflatable toddler bath tub? The idea of bathing an active toddler in a bath tub can be quite nerve-wracking. Kids around this age are quite hyperactive putting them at high risk for slipping and fall. Accidents can happen and, in some cases, can prove to be fatal when not enough safety precautions are taken into mind. Luckily, these inflatable bath tubs for toddlers can help reduce such risks and give mind the ease and enjoyment in bathing your toddler.

For Your Princess

Make every bath time magical and fun-filled with the Disney Princess Inflatable Safety Bathtub. Designed to charm your little ones, this tub is padded with comfort and safety features to put you at ease when your little tot’s enjoying bathtub time on their own. This air-cushioned sensational tub comes with a non-slip surface to keep your child protected from the risks of slips and falls. It also has a water temperature display allowing you to monitor hotness or coolness conducive to your child’s skin.

The Disney Princess Inflatable Safety Bathtub is perfectly crafted with a toddler-princess’ welfare in mind. Its storage pockets are large enough to store shampoo and soap. But more so, it is built without BPA (100%!), Phthalate, PVC, and other metal content. It’s fast and easy to inflate or deflate. An attached hook is also included in the package to help hang the inflatable to dry faster. Deflatable and foldable, it can also be stowed easily in a car for travel, summer camping, or picnic activities.

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The Locisne Charm

Another excellent choice is the Locisne Baby Inflatable Bathtub. Still designed with safety in mind, this one is made with BPA-free PVC materials o prevent any issue brushing up on you. It comes with an inflatable raised section allowing the utmost support to the baby in the legs area and a 45-degree backrest to support a child’s back and head. Its dual non-slip design also helps toddlers to gain traction when moving around while taking a bath– and keeps the bath tub in place.

The Locisne Baby Inflatable Bathtub can be a toddler’s favorite ally during tough bathing times making the experience a lot more enjoyable. Practical yet durable, this inflatable bathtub also comes with a storage pouch for shampoo and shower gel as well as bath squeaky toys to make a child enjoy. With a big drain plug, releasing of water can also be quite easy. This package, by the way, comes with a free pump for ease of inflating the tub.

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Buringer Baby Infant Travel Inflatable

Yet, another excellent pick is the Buringer Baby Infant Travel Inflatable. Like the first 2 inflatables, this one comes with essential safety features to prevent any form of a mishap when a child is taking a bath. It features an anti-slippery cushion at the center, a headrest/comfort pillow, side storage pockets, and so on. A water level mark is also included to allow ease of recommendations from the following.

The Buringer inflatable is designed for travel, picnics, or any event that requires deflating or folding requirements. Both the bottom and inner centers are also designed with anti-skidding features allowing comfort for a child sans sacrificing safety. Setting up is quite fast and easy. With just a hand pump included, you can inflate the bathtub in a few minutes. This tub comes in pink and blue– and can fit 6 months to 4 years old.

Critical Safety Notes

While picking the best inflatable toddler bathtub is important, what comes next will be more critical. Always remember to follow safe bathing guidelines and keep it close to your heart. No matter how busy, it is of dire importance that you do not leave a child unattended while in a tub. If someone’s at the door or calling on your phone, don’t lose eyesight– even for a second!– from your little tot. Toddlers as young as 2 or 3 can still drown in a bathtub or worse, can mistakenly put water temperature on high resulting to gruesome burns. So always, take safety as a top priority to let your toddler enjoy bath time sans the risk.

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