Best Pull Ups for Toddlers: Hassle-Free Potty Training!

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Heads up! An important milestone ahead. If your baby is already walking by now, that means they’ve entered a significant and fun stage of their life, and that calls for a celebration.

However, the little one has got to build on that momentum and start their potty training journey!

Like any other journey, your toddler needs to be well-equipped for what’s coming ahead. What better equipment for potty training than pull-ups? Pull up diapers combine the convenience and protection of diapers with the convenience of underwear are going to set the stage for your toddler’s bathroom independence.

So, let’s dive into it, and show you the best pull ups for toddlers!

The Best Pull Up Diapers for Toddlers: Our Recommendation

The best rated pull ups for toddlers are the Pampers Pull ups Potty Training Pants. They provide superior coverage, extra absorbency and leak protection and are available for boys and girls, giving protection where your child needs it most. They feature easy to open, customizable waistband and soft stretchy sides plus a range of fun graphics.

Pampers Pull Ups Training Pants.

All diapers and pull ups have mixed reviews. When I’m buying a new product, I like to check all of the reviews and pick the one that is closest to 5 stars. That’s how I started with these pull ups, but they have a bunch of great features which make them the best.

Here’s what we LOVED about using Pampers Pull-Ups Training Pants:

  • Easy open, refastenable sides
  • Powerful leak protection
  • Customizable waistband
  • Soft stretchy feel like cotton underwear
  • Fun Mickey Mouse fade when wet graphics

There’s a quick overview of these great pull ups, but there is a more detailed review just below.

When it comes to pull ups, what works for one family won’t necessarily work for another. Your child may prefer Disney prints on their pull ups, while another family doesn’t buy branded or products. Or you may want biodegradable or plant based nappies where another family isn’t concerned about these features.

That’s why I’ve added a few others to this list, so you can choose from the best pull ups that work for your family. We’ve reviewed the best pull up diapers on the market in 2021, and those reviews are down below.

Top 4 Pull Ups for Your Toddler

Pull-up diapers differ from each other regarding certain features, including liquid absorption, their size and fit, and also their design. Additionally, each brand has its unique features.

Being aware of this variety, we bring you the best pull up diapers for potty training your toddler.

Pampers Easy Ups Training Pants Boys and Girls

In potty training, it’s helpful for the pull-ups to feel like underwear. Pampers pull-ups, or easy-ups as they call them, ensure this quality.

That is achieved through the stretchy waistband that has an underwear-like fit. Aside from the fit, it also feels like underwear thanks to the soft cottony material. No worries, though, the texture isn’t at the expense of leak-protection.

Pampers pull-ups incorporate extra absorption channels, in case an accident occurs. For that same reason, the sides can be ripped off easily. This can come in handy if you’re in a hurry and need to change the pull-ups for your baby.


  • Cool superhero designs that make potty training more fun for your baby
  • Comfortable fit and the stretchy waistband
  • Underwear-like feel thanks to the cotton material
  • Dual barriers that guard against leaks


  • Hard to distinguish the front from the back

Huggies Pull-Ups Boys’ Potty Training Pants

Huggies pull-ups provide a customizable waistband, to make sure that the pull-up fits your kid perfectly.

In case you need to check if your child is wet or dirty, these pull-ups feature re-fastenable sides, so you don’t need to fully undress and put a new pair on. These sides are really helpful in case of quick diaper changes.

Being soft and stretchy, your toddler will be able to pull them up and down easily, accelerating his independence progress. What better way to accelerate learning than positive reinforcement training? Huggies pull-ups leverage this technique by using the smart speaker assistant, voiced by Disney characters.

The fun doesn’t stop here, as there are Disney graphics on the pull-up training pants. These aren’t just any graphics, though. They’ll fade when your kid gets wet, helping them to understand when they need to use the toilet, and giving you a quick indicator if they need their diaper changed.


  • Extra leak protection and absorption
  • Soft material that slides up and down just like underwear
  • Disney characters voice assistant
  • Refastenable sides


  • They don’t have the wrap-up feature

Pull-Ups New Leaf Girls’ Training Pants

The material of the New Leaf pull-ups from Huggies stands out. That’s due to the fact that it’s plant-based. The material is also hypoallergenic. This means it’s way less likely to provoke any allergies your kid might have.

The design of the New Leaf pull-ups is a lot like underwear in all aspects: the feel, look, and fit. The fit can also be adjusted to your kid’s liking through the customizable waistband. Regarding the up-and-down sliding motion, it’s smooth and easy.


  • Hypoallergenic with no harsh ingredients involved
  • Gentle cotton-based material
  • Comes with a coloring mat


  • Can be ripped too easily

Huggies Pull-Ups Night-Time Boys’ Training Pants

These night-time pull-ups are made specifically for night-time use. When toddlers are in the last phase of their potty training, their accidents are mostly limited to nighttime. If that’s the case for your child, this should be your pull-ups of choice.

Pull-ups nighttime training pants have exceptional absorbency, which adds extra protection and comfort. Regarding the sides, they can be easily opened and refastened. Just like other Huggies products, they feature cartoon designs that fade when the pull-up gets wet.

There’s only one downside. As pull-ups are made for toddlers undergoing potty training, if you’re kid is a heavy wetter with no potty training, some leaking may occur.


  • The most absorbent pull-up, which makes it perfect for nighttime
  • Easily opened, refastenable sides
  • Fading cartoon designs that facilitate learning


  • There may be leaking if your kid is a heavy wetter

What Factors Should I Keep in Mind When Buying Pull-Ups?

Each baby is unique, and babies differ in their needs and preferences. Thus, there’s a number of factors that’ll make a world of difference in your child’s pull-ups potty training experience.


When purchasing diapers, the number one thing on your list may have been softness. With pull-ups, that’s not enough. Besides being soft, the pull-ups material has to resemble the one from underwear. This way, the transition from pull-ups to regular underwear will be much easier.

Another important aspect regarding the material is how allergenic it is. Some toddlers have sensitive skins and develop rashes easily. If your kid’s this way, then opting for a hypoallergenic pull-up is optimal.

Designs and Incentives

Pull-ups come in all sorts of designs. There are some made for boys, with “boyish” cartoons. The same goes for girls. However, your kid can like just about any cartoon; so, make sure to get the one that your kid is fond of.

There are other incentives besides the design. One example of that would be the smart speaker assistant voiced by cartoon characters available in some of Huggies products.


A lot of parents ask if pull ups are as absorbent as diapers? Both diapers and pull-ups use the same absorbent material: sodium polyacrylate. That being said, the absorbency of diapers is usually higher. Even though pull-ups are less absorbent, they’re designed in a way that’s ideal for potty training. This is the same reason why they’re less absorbent, by the way.

There are some pull up diapers that are more absorbent than others, though. Pull ups are designed for kids who are more mobile and independent, and generally older. So pull ups will often be more absorbent than regular diapers. That’s also the case with nighttime pull-ups, which are more absorbent than regular ones.

Final Words

Kids grow fast, and it’s a magical thing to witness their growth. One significant milestone in this journey is potty training. That’s when you’re little one starts to feel more like a big fellow. However, this process takes a while and can be frustrating at times.

Worry not, though; pull-ups are there for the rescue! These underwear-like diapers help make the transition to wearing regular underwear smooth. That’s achieved not only through the material but also through the host of features and incentives that help both you and your kid.

This way, your toddler is sure to make it through this milestone in a timely, hassle-free manner!

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