Mocka Balance Bike Review

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Balance bikes are a perfect way to transition your kid from the comfort of your home to the playground. Among the best balance bikes on the market are Mocka  Balance bikes.

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of Mocka balance bikes. They have a lot to offer for your child from durability all the way to adjustability options and colour customisation options. In this article, we’ll be doing a Mocka Balance Bike review, and we’ll tell you all about the various models they offer.

Mocka Balance Bike Styles

Mocka offers a number of different bike styles. This comparison will help you understand which will be the best fit for your child.

Urban Balance Bike

Urban Balance is a Mocka classic. It’s the basic balance bike with a simple wooden frame that’ll support your child. Besides, it’s super easy to ride.

Stripping down the balance bike into three main components; the frame, seat, and wheels, the Urban Balance scores highly in all three.

The frame is made of Birchwood that is strong and lightweight -the bike weighs 4.5 kgs- to support your toddler. The seat is well-padded and adjustable with three height settings ranging between 34 and 35 cm to accompany your toddler as he/she grows. Finally, the wheels have sturdy tread tires to resist puncture for the sake of your little one’s safety.

The downside to this model is that wood needs some attention to maintain. You should keep the bike dry most times and generally, keep it away from moisture.

The Urban Balance is suitable for kids from two years and up. Yet, there’s the Mini Urban Balance that’s convenient for toddlers starting from 18 months. The modifications are that the Mini comes with a more contoured seat to support your child and a lower range of seat heights (29 – 33 cm). Moreover, it’s way cuter!

Some kids prefer a more customised look to their bikes, and Mocka Balance bikes cater to this need. There are variations of the Urban Balance customised to boys and girls; these are the Ninja Balance Bike and the Daisy Balance Balance Bike, respectively. 

The Ninja has a black matte finish that appeals to boys, while the Daisy Balance boasts a rosy floral pattern so that your little girl feels like a princess. There’s also the Missy Balance Bike, with a girly pink pattern and purple-ish wheels.

The main difference between the Ninja and the other two girl variations is that the Ninja has four seat adjustment options, while the other two models only have three.

Mocka Rocket Bike

If you want to take it to the next level with your kid, then the Mocka Rocket might be your pick. It features a sleek design and sturdy construction that works well in the long run.

The Mocka Rocket is popular among parents, and it’s easy to see why. Sporting a rugged, black steel frame, this bike is capable of taking wear and tear, accompanying your kid on his/her learning journey. The seat is Mocka’s propriety soft and stable bike seat with adjustable heights. The  range is wider than that of the Urban Balance here; it extends from 32 to 39 cm.

You’d expect it to be heavier than its wooden alternative, but it weighs 4.5 kgs like the Urban Balance, which is definitely a huge plus. When it comes to the wheels -arguably the determinant feature of a balance bike’s quality- they’re big, textured, and resistant to puncture. Your little one won’t have any trouble riding on any type of terrain.

We’d recommend the Rocket Balance if you’re serious about your kid learning cycling. It’ll also be the better option if you have more than one child who’ll be using it. This is mainly because of its durable construction.

The recommended age for this one is between 2 to 4 years old. Fortunately, its price is less than that of the Urban Balance.

Mocka Motorbike Balance Bike

The third model of Mocka’s balance bikes is the Mocka Motorbike. Looking like a real motorbike, the Mocka Motorbike is an advanced version of the regular balance bike with a more maneuverable body that gives children more control over their bikes.

Mocka’s Motorbike is made of Plywood that’s lighter than the Birchwood of the Urban Balance and the Rocket Balance. The tyres are plastic instead of EVA, the seat heights have a limited range of 30 to 33 cm, and the handlebar is softly padded to help your kid navigate the neighbourhood comfortably.

Overall, this bike is lighter and more of a toy rather than an actual bike. However, because of its ease of control and maneuverability, it’s the priciest among the Mocka Balance Bikes range.

Honestly, we don’t think that the features and quality of this bike are worthy of the extra price. We only recommend this option maneuverability is your top priority. Other than that, the other options are more reasonable.

Why Choose a Balance Bike for Your Kid?

  • Safety. Balance bikes are easy to stop since they’re propelled by your child’s feet ‘running’ on the ground. Whenever they stop moving their feet, the bike stops and stays balanced.
  • Confidence. The control children have over the balance bikes helps them build confidence that allows them to move smoothly to pedal bikes when they outgrow their balance bikes.
  • Portability. Mocka’s balance bikes are lightweight, so they’re easy for kids to move and for parents to carry anywhere.
  • Durability. We’re talking wooden or steel frames and EVA tyres. These will withstand tumbling till your kids learn how to ride.
  • Adjustability. During the age range of kids who ride balance bikes (2 to 4 years), kids grow quickly. That’s why adjustable seat options are a perfect feature of Mocka’s balance bikes.

Wrap Up

One of the best aspects of Mocka, in general, is that they stand behind their products and brand. The company truly cares about its customers, especially the kids’ line, where they offer exceptional customer service and pay close attention to each complaint and inquiry.

No matter which model you choose, you’ll be getting an excellent bike and great service!

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