Kazam Balance Bike Review

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Cycling is a great hobby for toddlers. It keeps them active, exposes them to the real-world environment, and improves their overall wellness. Then again, this activity comes with one major drawback— teaching young riders to cycle safely and independently. Our Kazam Balance Bike Review covers the Kazam V2E, who this bike is best for, what’s included when you purchase the Kazam v2e, an overview of the features, and a couple of alternatives in case you are not convinced about this bike.

Cycling isn’t a skill that comes naturally, you will need several days to help your kid master and perfect the art. That’s where the Kazam balance bike comes in. It will help your kid learn the ropes of cycling within a short time.

Kazam Balance Bike

Kazam, a respected manufacturer of bicycles, designed the v2e bike to help young kids develop their balance and coordination skills. It teaches them to steer confidently and safely before they transition to a pedal bike.

Released in 2015, KaZam v2e stands as the best option over its siblings like Kazam Tyro v2e, Kazam Pro, and Kazam Neo v2s. We love its heavy-duty construction, child-friendly design, and elegant exterior. It has everything needed to encourage your kid into cycling independently.

Who is Kazam v2e balance bike for?

KaZam recommends the v2e balance bike for beginners aged between 36 months to five years, but some parents use it for younger kids who can walk stably. Its design is friendly for all kids. The wide footrest may meant that some kids use this bike as a scooter rather than a training bike.

What’s included?

KaZam v2e comes in a box containing the bike’s frame, seat, tires, safety headgear, and handlebars as separate pieces. Also, the box has a comprehensive instruction booklet to guide you through the assembly process. You don’t need tools to assemble it.

Usually, parents are able to assemble the bike without needing a technicians help. Parents who have purchased this bike claim have  managed to assemble it without a technician’s help. On average, it will take about 30 minutes to get the balance bike ready for a road test. Here is an unboxing and installation tutorial to guide you.

Overview of Kazam v2e Balance Bike’s Features

Height-adjustable handlebars with ergonomic grips

Since kids keep growing, KaZam equipped the v2e with height-adjustable handlebars to grow with your kid. As a bonus, the handlebars have soft plastic grips that give your kid a comfy and tight grip. This bike would have been better if it had brakes to slow or stop the bike in an emergency situation

Patented footrest

KaZam v2e’s patented footrests are purposefully positioned to align your kid’s feet to the typical pedaling position. The footrest is free of spiky edges that could trap your kid’s clothes or shoelaces when mounting or dismounting. While the footrest does what it was intended to do, it might prompt your adventurous kid to use this bike as a scooter.

Heavy-duty frame and fork

Designed from strong steel, KaZam v2e can tolerate the wear arising from consistent use and random abuse for pretty long.  Also, the steel frame and fork are non-corrosive, and they have superb structural strength. With such a rigid construction, your child will have more training time and fewer repair breaks. The heavy-duty construction makes it a tad heavier than many balance bikes.

12-inch EVA tires

This strider bike’s pneumatic rubber tires offer superb traction on gravel, tarmacked, earthen, concrete, and any other road surfaces. They won’t slip off the ground during those rainy days when your kid wishes to have a ride. The EVA tires are puncture-resistant.

Step-thru, low-to-the-ground design

Featuring a step-through, low-to-the-ground design, your kids can mount and dismount from this balance bike effortlessly. As well, your kids’ feet can easily reach the ground, thereby simplifying the walking, running, gliding, and striding process.

Ergonomic adjustable seat

Kazam v2e’s ergonomic saddle will keep your kids comfortable throughout the training period. A quick-release clamp on the bike’s seat post lets you adjust the seat’s height according to your kid’s height. Since the seat slopes downward, your kid may find it hard to maintain a firm position at first, but with practice they will easily master the seat position.

How to use Kazam v2e Balance Bike

Using KaZam v2e is straightforward. You need to help your kid sit on the bike’s saddle and then lean forward to hold the handlebars. Afterward, encourage them to propel the bike by simply walking or striding.

If your kid is reluctant to start, you can start the training by encouraging them to stand over the bike frame. Then, let them walk while pushing this training bike. Urge them to stride while sitting as they get used to the feel and weight of the bike. This biking tutorial can help you get started.

Kazam Balance Bike Alternatives

Strider- 12 Sport Balance Bike

This bicycle is known as one of the best balance bikes for toddlers. It features a tough steel frame and puncture-free wheels to withstand wear for a relatively long period. Your kids can use it daily, as well as abuse it occasionally without issue. It is lighter than Kazam v2e balance bike.

With an adjustable seat and handlebars, this top-rated balance bike will accommodate kids aged between 1.5 to 5 years. Free of the drivetrain, Strider-12 sport will let your kid focus on essential cycling basics.

Banana LT Balance Bike

If you want your child to focus on learning the basics of biking rather than using a training bike like a scooter, Banana LT would be suitable. It lacks the footrest found in Kazam balance bike and other bikes.

Design-wise, Banana LT features puncture-proof EVA tires, an ultra-comfy seat, extra safe handlebar grips, and a quick-release clamp that lets you adjust the seat height accordingly. It can accommodate all beginner cyclists aged between two to five years.


When it comes to balance bikes, you need one with a sturdy but light frame to endure everyday use and a child-friendly design that encourages your kid to keep riding. KaZam designed the v2e balance bike with these considerations in mind. It has a durable steel construction, a step-through frame design, puncture-free tires, and adjustable handlebars.

We recommend it is a perfect balance bike for 18 months to 5 years old.

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