The Best Toddler Bath Seats: Complete Reviews and Buying Guide

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Are you trying to choose the best toddler bath seat bstwith suction cups? Bathing your toddler can be a delightful daily experience. But when little tots start to sit, stand or walk on their own, there is one challenge that puts all parents on their toes– safety.

Playing in water can be dangerous. Drowning and head bumps are just some of the horrors that we never want to experience. Even just an inch or two of water can prove to be disastrous with a little one around. With this in mind, finding the helpful and safe bath seat should be a priority.

With hundreds of toddler bath seats in the market, finding the ones that keep both enjoyment and safety for your baby can be a challenge. The idea is to look for toddler bath seat with suction cups or mechanisms that keep your baby in place as you reach out for a shampoo or fetch a towel. Here are some tips on how to pick one.

How to choose a toddler bath seat

Take time to scrutinize safety features.

Most bath seats sold in the market have corresponding indicators suggesting the proper age range where these products are most helpful. This Angelcare Baby Bath Booster, for instance, is designed to keep a child between 7 to 10 months in a safe place when taking a bath. It sticks to your bath tub without suction cups, but still allows you to clean and rinse a growing baby without any hitch.

However, the baby bath booster can be unsafe to use in more active toddlers as they can easily roll or crawl from it. By then, it will be wise to pick out a bath seat that has a bar or strap to hold a child in place like this one below from Preself. This convenient 2-in-1 Baby Bath Seat provides anti-slip support that prevents the baby from toppling over.

Choose a bath seat with an integrated temperature indicator

Or consider buying an extra thermometer This will help monitor whether water is too hot or too cold for your little one. While you can easily test the water using an elbow or a forearm, bath seats with temperature indicator like the one from YXBaby can help tell if the water’s too cold for the little ball of fire to stop playing in the tub.

Think about portability.

You will be using unfamiliar bathing grounds when going on a short vacation. With a toddler bath seat that can be folded and stored easily, tagging a child along on these trips can make bath time not feel like Armageddon Part II. So pick one that doesn’t cause too much hassle when you’re out and about.

Keep in mind a child’s fit and the support it provides.

Check a product’s age, size and weight restrictions. Most products indicate these on their label, as well as height restrictions if any. Buying too small a bath seat will be a problem as your child becomes a big toddler. While buying too big and it will no longer offer the support needed.

Choose a bath seat that is easy to clean

Maintaining sanitary levels is essential even for a seat that’s been used for cleaning up. Mold and mildew can be tough to eliminate– and it’s unsafe for your child, too! As much as possible, wash, scrub and rinse a bath seat on a daily basis and air it out to dry.

Consider buying fun add-ons.

Let a child play with a squirter or a floating toy like this Munchkin Float and Play Bubbles Bath Toy to make each bath time exciting. Making each bath time a fun and enjoyable experience will make it easier for you and your toddler later on as your child reaches terrible twos.

Safety Precautions

Every parent would want what’s best — and safe– for their children. While toddler bath seat with suction cups are considered one of the safest bathing equipment to use, it is essential to be vigilant all the time. Make sure that a toddler is in your line of sight– all the time! It takes only a split second for a child to topple over and less than a minute to drown. So never, ever leave anything to chance.

A second point to mention is that children should never be forced into positions that they are not ready for, which is why will never support products such as bumbo. If your child is not yet able to sit in an upright position unsupported, they shouldn’t be put into a seat that holds them in that position.


Top Best Toddler Bath Seats With Suction Cups Comparison Chart

ModelSuction cupsHeat IndicatorSize AdjustableAdd on ToysOur Rating 
DreamBaby Deluxe Bath SeatYesYesYesNo9/10Check Price
Summer Infant My Bath SeatYesNoNoYes6/10Check Price
EZYCOK Inflatable Baby BathtubNoNoYesNo8/10Check Price
AngelCare Baby bath BoosterNoNoNoNo8/10Check Price

Top Toddler Bath Seats With Suction Cups Reviews


Dreambaby Deluxe Bath Seat with Heat Sensing Indicator

Specifically designed for a comfortable bathing experience, this top of the range bath seat with suction cups includes features to make bathing safe and easy.

You really can’t go wrong with this deluxe bath seat. The only drawback is that if you have a larger child they may grow out of it young, but Dreambaby have overcome this with the swing gated front, which allows you to take your child in and out of the seat with ease.

Features We Like:

  • Opens at the front: Makes it easier to get your baby in and out, particularly as they get bigger and stronger.
  • Contoured non-skid seat: So your baby is less likely to slip out of your arms while getting in or out.
  • Extra large suction cups with easy release tabs
  • Extra cushioning: To provide greater comfort and support for your baby’s back.
  • Colour changing heat indicator: This simple but useful feature helps you to know if the water is too hot for your baby at a glance. This helps to prevent accidental burns.
  • Compliant with Consumer Goods Safety and Standards 2017

Summer Infant My Bath Seat

With a spacious bath seat design, the Summer Infant My Bath Seat provides a soft and spacious seat for maximum comfort in the bath tub. This bath seat is a great choice to help your child transition from a baby bath tub to an adult tub. It has drain holes so that soapy water can easily rinse away, allowing you to position your child in shallower water without fear of them falling over.

The major drawback of this bath seat is that it is recommended for ages 5 to 10 months, meaning smaller children. Most babies don’t sit on their own until around 8 months old, and shouldn’t be put in seats that encourage them to sit until they are able to physically do so by themselves. So keep this in mind if your child is in the age range for this seat.

Features We Like:

  • Spacious seat design: Contours to baby for comfort
  • Easy to clean: Drain holes allow soapy water to rinse off easily
  • Easy to install: Suction cups provide stability
  • High backrest: Provides additional support and comfort
  • Conforms to ASTM F1967 Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Infant Bath Seats
  • Recommended for ages 5-10 months.

EZYCOK Inflatable Baby Bathtub with Air Pump

While this bath tub doesn’t have suction cups, it is probably the best choice for a toddler size bath seat. Made from BPA free PVC, it is ideal for babies up to 36 months.

While most baby bath seats will not last past 18 months to 2 years old, this inflatable bath tub is suitable for up to 36 months. It makes a great choice for a portable bath tub, or if you don’t have a bath tub at home but still want to give your toddler the experience of having a bath.

Features We Like:

  • Safe to Use: The blow up bath tub is made from BPA-free PVC.
  • Non Slip: The bottom of the tub is textured to be non slip, making it safer for your child than a regular bath tub.
  • Side Pockets: These convenient pockets allow you to store shampoo, soap, towels or toys so you don’t need to find somewhere to put them during the bath, or worse, forget them.
  • Drain Plug: For easy drainage, just like a regular bath tub.
  • Handy hook: For easy drying in between uses
  • Air Pump Included: To quickly pump up the tub for use.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee: Enough said really.

AngelCare Baby Bath Booster

This ergonomically designed bath seat is a lovely choice for your baby’s bathtime needs, and will allow them to sit in the bath in a natual way without slipping. Unlike the other choices for bath seats, this bath booster doesn’t have a restraint, meaning you child will be able to use and develop their muscles and continue to play in the bath.

While it doesn’t have suction cups, it has drain holes which allow water to pass through, enabling the seat to suction naturally to the bottom of the bath.

Features We Love:

  • Mildew Resistant: The material allows water to drain easily making this seat dry quickly
  • Ergonomic Design: allows baby’s muscles to develop naturally
  • Easy to Store: with a back handle and hook to allow you to carry and store for next time
  • Suitable for 7 to 12 months (up to 12kg)


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