Ultimate Guide to the Best Bags for Moms with Toddlers: Full Reviews and Buying Guide 2021

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It’s hard to care about fashion when you’re chasing after an unruly toddler!

When choosing a bag for everyday use, you’ll want to ditch good looks and think about convenience, storage pockets, and spacious interiors. In the end, a designer bag won’t be of much use when you have a sippy cup spilling milk inside. Believe me; I’ve been there!

In this article, I’ll shed some light on the best bags for moms with toddlers. They all look trendy, too, so you don’t have to sacrifice looks for functionality!

The 7 Top Picks for Toddler/Mom Bags

Here’s a roundup of my seven top picks for mom bags. I picked the best options on the market in terms of functionality, versatility, and convenience.

  • Skip Hop Diaper Bag Satchel
  • SoHo Grand Central Station Diaper Bag
  • Kattee Women’s Genuine Leather Shoulder Tote
  • Nodykka Women Tote Bag
  • Leather Diaper Bag Backpack Purse by miss fong
  • Vogshow Waterproof Diaper Bag
  • Skip Hop Messenger Diaper Bag

Skip Hop Diaper Bag Satchel

The Skip Hop diaper bag is living proof that you don’t need to ditch fashion for functionality. It looks sleek, trendy, and chic while featuring an array of useful pockets.

The bag comes with 12 storage pockets, which is more than enough to keep your precious belongings away from your little one. On top of that, it features a cushioned pad for changing diapers, making the process more sanitary as a whole. Mommies who don’t put much trust in changing stations will fall in love with this feature.

The diaper bag is made of faux leather that’s pretty easy to clean. Whenever your toddler decides it’s a good idea to spill his drink on the bag, you can wipe it clean using a wet tissue. Moreover, the bag’s bottom has metal feet, so the material doesn’t touch the ground or any other dirty surface.

You can carry the Skip Hop using the shoulder strap, as a tote, or hook it to the stroller. Its versatility is its strong suit.

The only downside to this bag might be its dimensions. Some users didn’t like the spacious width because it makes it harder to carry. However, I personally believe moms with toddlers need all the space they could get.


  • A lot of storage pockets
  • Versatility in carrying methods
  • Moderate price


  • The clasp lock isn’t convenient

SoHo Grand Central Station Diaper Bag

Seeing this bag’s price, I’d buy it even if I don’t have a toddler! It’s rare to find a bag with such useful features in this price range, but SoHo’s products have always been wallet-friendly. The low price doesn’t mean a lack of convenience. On the contrary, this bag is one of the most convenient options on our list.

The bag is made of stain and water-resistant material. Your toddler can vomit over it all he wants; one cold water wash and the bag will return good as new!

For the exceptionally low price, you’ll get the bag, along with a small bag for the insulated bottle, an accessory bag, a changing pad, an organizer, and straps for hooking on the stroller. You’d basically be getting everything you may need for a day trip with your toddler.

The insulated bag will keep the sippy cup intact, and it’ll keep any leaks inside and away from your belongings.

On the inside, the bag is padded, and it can fit a 14-inch laptop comfortably. That way, you can use it even when you don’t have a toddler in your arms. Additionally, it’s an ideal bag for traveling, thanks to its multi-functional design.


  • A lot of accessory bags included
  • Trendy look
  • Large enough to fit a laptop


  • The inside lining is thin and prone to tearing

Kattee Women’s Genuine Leather Shoulder Tote

If you don’t want to be labeled as ‘the mother with the diaper bag,’ you can take a look at this shoulder tote from Kattee. It’s not meant for toddlers; that’s why it’s made of genuine leather, and it looks fashionable in every way possible. However, it’s one of the best options on our list for its convenience.

The Kattee tote has a very spacious interior that can fit all your belongings, including laptops and tablets. Additionally, the interior is lined with wall pockets that you can use for your toddler’s things. The space inside will fit the sippy cup just fine, although there isn’t a designated spot for it.

The genuine leather will have a mild smell once the bag arrives, but placing it in a ventilated area ought to make the smell go away. You’ll appreciate the material when you see that the bag keeps its shape, even when empty. Plus, it’s highly durable; you’d have to make an actual effort if you want to chip or tear it.

The only downside to the bag is that it needs extra care on your part. You won’t be able to throw it aside as you do with diaper bags. The genuine leather will need proper cleaning and storing so it keeps its shine.


  • Fashionable design
  • Available in two sizes
  • A spacious interior and wall pockets


  • On the expensive side of the market

Nodykka Women Tote Bag

If you like the idea of a tote bag, but the Kaittee is out of budget for you, the Nodykka tote bag is a worthy alternative to consider. Despite its budget-friendly price, it’s made of high-quality faux leather that’s tear-resistant. Besides, it won’t stain if your toddler decides to pour his juice on it.

The bag isn’t designed to be an organizer; it’s instead a spacious bag with one slip pocket. That way, you can throw everything inside when you’re in a hurry. The slip pocket works well for the sippy cup, too.

The Noykka is ideal for quick outings and friendly gatherings with your toddler. You can take it anywhere you wouldn’t want to carry a diaper bag, which makes it a viable choice for most of your daily outings. Diaper bags are a total overkill for a lot of tours!

In my opinion, the bag’s interior is its major downside, since it doesn’t allow for any organizing of any sort. As a mother who likes to have everything in its assigned pocket, I’d only carry a bag like the Nodykka when I need to. However, there are a lot of mothers who’d appreciate the user-friendly design.


  • Affordable price
  • Spacious interior for all your belongings
  • Magnet closure for convenience


  • Only one pocket inside

Leather Diaper Bag Backpack Purse by miss fong

Being stylish is hard when you have not one toddler to look after, but two or more! I’ve been there, and it’s a challenge to look fashionable when you’re carrying a large bulky diaper bag. If I’d known about the miss fong backpack then, I wouldn’t have hesitated to get it.

The backpack has a trendy cylindrical design that allows for ample room inside. Additionally, it’s available in an array of elegant colors that won’t imply that you’re carrying diapers and sippy cups inside it at all!

The best thing about the bag is that it’s a backpack. You’ll likely have your hands busy, so it’s better not to add to it with the hand strap. There’s also the fact that it has an organized interior, featuring 11 pockets. There are four pockets on the outside and seven on the inside, including a large zippered pocket that you can use for your wallet, phone, etc.

The bag has a couple of insulated pockets that you can use to keep the sippy cups. Despite all that, its overall size is compact enough for your kids to carry it when you need them to.


  • Durable faux leather material
  • A lot of storage pockets for your belongings
  • Compact size and spacious interior


  • The artificial leather has a strong chemical odor

Vogshow Waterproof Diaper Bag

Stylish, convenient, and lightweight; no backpack could possibly match this one from Vogshow. It’s the most versatile option on our list, seeing as you can carry it as a shoulder bag, as a backpack, or use the handle. On top of that, it’s unisex, so your husband wouldn’t start grunting when you hand him the bag.

The backpack is full of pockets and compartments you can make use of. There’s a total of 13 pockets and three insulated compartments on the front. The front three are ideal for keeping water bottles and sippy cups. In addition to all that, the backpack features a large pocket to fit laptops, so you’re able to carry your own things, too.

The bag is waterproof, so you can comfortably wear it while it’s raining. Additionally, it’s pretty easy to clean, and the material is eco-friendly. The bag alone is lightweight, so if you don’t stuff it with things, it won’t tire you out.

The Vogshow features a key chain in the large pocket, so you can hook your house keys and keep them protected inside. This pocket snaps close by a couple of magnetic clasps, so you can easily reach inside with only one hand.


  • Waterproof material
  • 13 pockets to fit everything
  • Lightweight frame
  • Versatile carrying methods


  • Not compatible with washing machines

Skip Hop Messenger Diaper Bag

I don’t know what I like more about this Skip Hop messenger bag: the matching changing pad or the smart storage design. The bag is designed for moms looking for convenience. It doesn’t look too fashionable, but it’s ideal for going out with a toddler.

The Skip Hop features a zip closure that keeps everything protected inside. Additionally, it comes bearing a tote handle for more comfortable carrying. The front panel is perfect for storing items that you need frequently. That way, you merely need to reach your hand inside without using both hands.

There’s a total of ten pockets on the Skip Hop, including two mesh ones on the sides for water bottles. Moreover, there are two easy-access pockets on the front. You can use those to keep your kid’s toys, but the bag already comes with a toy hook that you can use for that purpose.

If you’re a fan of hanging your bag to the stroller, this bag comes with shuttle slips that instantly convert it into a stroller bag. Not only that, but the bag also comes with a matching cushioned pad for changing diapers. The pad is compatible with washing machines, making your cleaning mission much easier.


  • Stroller clips available for handing
  • Large easy-access pockets on the front
  • Cushioned changing pad compatible with washing machines


  • On the expensive side of the market

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Bags for Moms with Toddlers

When upgrading from a baby’s diaper bag to a toddler’s bag, there are a couple of things you’ll want to consider. Especially if you want to get a regular bag that doubles as one for toddlers’ needs. Here are some features you’ll want to consider.

Insulated Pockets

Feeding your toddler on outings is something that’s going to happen more often than you think. In this case, giving him a cold cup of milk wouldn’t be ideal. That’s why it’d be best if you bought a bag with insulated pockets.

Such pockets will keep your hot drinks hot and vice versa. You’ll be able to use them for your own water bottle if you have one.

Insulated pockets are also mostly waterproof, which will come in handy when something gets spilled inside.

Ease of Maintenance

Every mother’s dream is to have a bag that needs delicate care and hand-washing frequently, right?

If you just nodded your head, there’s a high chance your focus is elsewhere. Bags that are hard to clean are a nightmare for mothers. You already have a toddler who spills everything everywhere and eats with his mouth open; you don’t need a bag to add to that!

When picking your diaper bag, opt for a material that only needs wiping. Waterproof materials are an excellent choice for that.

Hands-free Design

Let’s imagine for a second what you take in your hand while going out. On one hand, you’ll probably be holding your toddler’s hand. On the other hand, you’ll likely have your keys, water bottle, or mobile phone. Or, in some cases, all three! Where does a bag fit amid all this? The right answer is nowhere. That’s why you ought to look for a hands-free bag.

Bags that come with shoulder straps are much easier to deal with. Additionally, tote bags and backpacks fall into the same category. Alternatively, you can get a bag with stroller straps. You’ll merely hook it onto your stroller, and you’re done.

Pockets, Pockets, and More Pockets!

For mothers with toddlers, there’s no such thing as too many pockets. You’ll need every pocket you can get. Bear in mind that you’ll be carrying plenty of items, including wipes, diapers, food, sippy cups, and lots of toys. A bag with one or two pockets will be rendered useless.

Some mothers prefer having one large pocket that fits everything, rather than many small ones. That’s something you’ll have to choose according to your personal preference.

The Essentials Moms with Toddlers Should Carry in Their Bags

best bags for moms with toddlers

If you still can’t decide on your favorite bag on the list, this section may help you imagine how much space you’ll need. I’ll give you a brief about everything you may need when going out with a toddler.

For starters, water and snacks are essential. You never know when you’ll get thirsty or when your little one will. As for the snacks, some cookies or crackers are enough, in case you’re staying out past lunchtime. Dealing with a hungry kid isn’t going to be easy; I’m telling you!

Furthermore, you’ll want to pack a couple of toys when going out. Your child can get antsy before you even start the outing, so it’s always better to have something that could distract him/her. You can also keep a couple of toys and children’s books in the car, in case you forget to pack them.

Of course, a sippy cup for your toddler is a must. Whether your kid likes juice, water, or milk, always carry it in the diaper bag. Constant hydration is vital for kids, and you don’t know how long you’re staying out.

Lastly, don’t forget to pack a hand sanitizer along with the diapers. When changing diapers or feeding, you’ll need quick sanitizing action, and there may not be a bathroom where you are.

The Final Verdict

My favorite bag for moms with toddlers on the list is the Skip Hop Diaper Bag Satchel. It has a stylish design that’ll go with most of your outfits, and it has plenty of pockets you can use to store the toddler’s items. Not only that, but the bag also comes with a changing pad.

If the Skip Hop is out of your budget, you can always opt for the SoHo Grand Central Station Diaper Bag. Aside from its budget-friendly price, it’s waterproof and highly convenient. It comes with a bunch of organizer bags that’ll fit all your belongings comfortably. Besides, it can fit a laptop, which is a rare quality in diaper bags.

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