About us

Hello and welcome to Toddlerist! 

I’m Zoe, the founder of this site and mom to one beautiful little boy who is now 2 years old. 

Prior to starting a family, I was a communications expert and digital stratetgy consultant, but I gave that all up to be a stay at home mom.

Once I became a mom, I realised that I was spending a lot of time trying to find the best things for my son. And once I started looking, I found that good information and advice was hard to find. 

So with some encouragement, I finally decided to start Toddlerist.com! I’m sharing everything that’s been in my head about parenting a toddler. 


Why no family pictures?

I feel really strongly that the decision to start this blog was mine, not my son’s. And while my husband is 100% supportive, he doesn’t feel comfortable with his picture being on the internet.


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